Sunday, April 29, 2012

Celebration of My Anniversary of My 29th Birthday!!

Yesterday was my birthday and is my newest custom, I celebrated the anniversary of my 29th birthday which is my way of losing count of how old I actually am!!!

I had a fantastic day with my awesome husband and son.  

Here are some of the cards I received.

My sweet baby boy got me this cupcake card and I loved it so much I played it over and over again like a little kid!

My awesome boys also got this adorable Hello Kitty cake for me!  It is soooo cute and I totally loved it so much I didn't want to let anyone eat it.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Latest project!

I have been busy with spring cleaning type activites lately.  I even replaced all of the outlet covers and switch covers in our house.  Let me just say that there are a lot in our house - I changed almost 200 between the outlets and the switches.

This is what the outlets looked like before.

 Here is what the new covers look like.  I so totally love them. 

Saturday, April 14, 2012


My husband just surprised me with a new cell phone cover and I just wanted to share it with everyone

Is it the cutest ever???  I totally love it! It is a little hard to fit in my pocket now but I will make it work!

Sunday, April 8, 2012


I just wanted to share a few pics of our Easter 

Here are the Easter eggs we dyed.  The eggs on the left we used kool-aid to dye and found them way too boring.   So we got out the vinegar and used the regular tablets to get the much brighter colors.

Here is a picture of my pseudo mantle. It is really an inlaid shelf above our fireplace. 

I used a printable I found online here  and framed it with a frame I bought at Michaels' with a 40% off coupon. 

I also dyed pasta in ziploc bags with food coloring and painted beans with spray paint in a box until they were well covered.  I put the beans and pasta in the apothecary jars I made with candle holders from the Dollar Store that I spray painted white and jars from the Dollar Store and wooden finials from Hobby Lobby that I glued onto the lids that I painted white too.  

I spray painted a Corona bottle white and a Ragu jar light blue and added a bunny and a few tulips I got on clearance from Walmart!!!

This is a picture of the cards my mom sent to our family, the beautiful tulips my husband surprised me with and the eggs that we colored on my kitchen countertop!  I love the tulips and hope they last, but I do not have a history of being good with live plants.  

Here is a picture of my Easter dinner without the turkey.  I forgot to take a  picture of it.  We had turkey, corn, mashed potatos, cranberry sauce, stuffing, rolls, deviled eggs, my special fruit salad/jello stuff and gravy.  

Here is my adorable Easter cake (if I do say so myself).  I love how it turned out!!

What did you do for Easter??

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Got my centerpiece goin' on!!

Here is my version of the adorable/simple/colorful Easter centerpiece that has been going around  Pinterest.  Even my husband and son commented on how they liked it and they never notice decorations around the house

This is the original version - I decided it needed more jelly beans and another row of Peeps.

This is the final version!!  I like it much better!!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

I originally posted this on St. Patty's Day but had to redo the post - so here it is.....

It was horribly cold, rainy and windy today so I stayed in all day and made fun green things to celebrate!

Green Jello Popcorn

Green Cupcakes

Green Jello (the picture just shows a reflection of other stuff in the fridge with a tint of green but trust me it is jello)

What did you do to celebrate today???

Hello Kitty Bathroom!

The first item I would like to share is my Hello Kitty bathroom.  My husband has been buying me Hello Kitty presents from all over for years and I have accumulated quite a few items so I needed a place to put them all.  When we moved into our home I was lucky enough to get both a craft room and my own bathroom.  I used the bathroom as the place to display all my Hello Kitty treasures.



Well what do you think?  I know it is way too much junk in a bathroom and it is bordering on obsessive or even hoarding but I am excited to finally have enough room on the large shelves to display all my stuff!