Saturday, May 5, 2012

Something I Used From Pinterest!

Today I used a neat trick that I learned from a Pinterest post.  It was a new idea for hanging things on walls.  It involved using blue painters tape to mark the areas you need to put nails or other wall hangers. I used the blue tape to mark the back of the item to be hung on the wall.  I used a piece of tape that started at one wall hanging loops on the back of the item and ended or cut the tape at the second loop on the back of the item to be hung up. In this case the item to be hung up is a jewelry box that hangs on the wall and has frames for multiple photos on it's front.  I got it on clearance at Kohl's for $12.00.

I then took the tape off of the back of the jewelry box/frame and put it on the wall where I wanted it to hang.  I put the nails in the wall and then got the level and balanced it on the two nails sticking out to see if the nails were level and thankfully they were.  So I removed the tape and hung my jewelry box!

Here is a picture of the box hanging up just outside my closet door.  The pictures are not mine but it is hung up and not sitting in the bottom of a closet anymore.

Here a pic of the jewelry box with my photos added.  Now it is perfect!


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